Frank Anthony Memorial All-India Inter School Debate Competition 2015 (Category II/Stage II)

Frank Anthony Memorial All-India Inter School Debate Competition Category II/ Stage II was successfully hosted by St.Thomas School, Dhurwa, Ranchi- 04 on 18th of August, 2015.

The competition was held in the school auditorium. Ten teams comprising two speakers in each team were the contestants. The program commenced at 9:00 am with the Registration process and Lottery to decide the sequence of speakers simultaneously. The topic was announced at 9:45am by Rev. Dr. Moni Mathew, Principal. The topic was “Man is a social being in its true sense today as he had been never before”. The participants got an hour preparation time. The speakers were apprised with the rules and regulations by the moderator of the programme Mrs. Monika Sood after which the programme began. Each speaker was given 4 minutes time to speak. The end of each speaker’s speech was followed by a rebuttal round.
The judges for the competition were Dr. Mrs. Indira Banerji, Mr. Arun John Prabal and Dr. Mrs. Janet Andrew Shah.

The names of the participants and the schools they represented are as follows:

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