St. Thomas School Ranchi, is a premier educational institute established in the year 1973. The school is a minority institution; well managed by the Mar Thoma Educational Society Ranchi under the Mar Thoma Syrian Church. The Church gives much importance for education and thus is running many institutions in metros and mostly in rural sectors all over India. As a Christian school, we draw our inspiration and guidance from the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. We give the importance to the faith formation of Christian pupils through religious classes while moral values are imparted to other pupil’s through Value education. We believe that every child has the right for education and it is our spiritual duty to cater for them ensuring them a good future. The school provides value added education to pupil’s from KG 1 to class Xi n a congenial environment with all the modern infra structure facilities including Elearning. It is a co-educational school. Pupils are being imparted education in the field of academics, art and culture, sports and moral values.

We have 165 working staffs (teaching and non-teaching) who work as a team for the progress of the school. The school is an ‘ISO 9001-2015’ Certified Institution.

St. Thomas is proud of its motto “Study, Play and Serve’, as its objective is to bring about a balanced and harmonious development of personality of the future citizens of the country and to infuse in them lofty ideals. Everyone works to provide a welcoming, calm, happy and purposeful atmosphere characterized by openness and honesty. Consideration, encouragement of positive role models, respect for others and the environment are our priorities.

St. Thomas School extends educational and charity work through Mar Thoma Church, Ranchi.

It runs a Gramajyothi school at Sakhwa Bagan, Dhurwa providing free education and food to 300 children from suburbs. The school has classes till class V.Another school at Kully village provides free education to more than 300 children from nearby villages. The school has classes till class IV.

HARDAG-St. Thomas School in Hardag is a project commemorating 40 years of existence of the St Thomas School, Dhurwa. it is to complete 5 years and has classes till Standard IX with 900 students.

ALUMNI – We take pride in having provided school education to around 3683 students who have passed out successfully and today are contributing their best of their ability in the development of our country as well abroad. The school has a very strong old students association named as STAAR, actively involved in school social activities.

We try to equip the children in a way that they are intellectually competent, morally sound, and sensitive to the environment and always daring to be different in confronting the modern challenges.


The Mar Thoma Syrian Church of Malabar laid its foundation in Ranchi with a small group of about 40 families with Rev. Dr. P. M. Mathew as the Vicar. The church took it as a mission to start a new English Medium School in the HEC Campus which would benefit the children of the employees of the HEC.

The origin of the school finds its roots in an announcement in 1971 by HEC (Heavy Engineering Corporation) Board of Directors headed by the Managing Director Mr. M.L. Wadhera inviting institutions and interested parties to set up schools for the benefit of children of the employees of HEC.

The first building 60 feet long was ready by the end of December 1972 under the stewardship of the Vicar and technical assistance of Mr. H. M. Abraham and Mr. Jacob John.

In January 1973, the ST.Thomas School was inaugurated with Kindergarten classes by Brig. B.N. Upadhyay, the then Chief of Personnel HEC, Rt. Rev. Dr. Alexander Mar Theophilus Episcopa presided.

The Parish General body decided to form a society to own and manage the school. A provisional executive body was formed with the Vicar as its President and Mr. George E. Mathew as treasurer to look after the management of the school and organize the proposed society. A constitution and Rules and Regulation for the society were drawn up with the approval of the Parish. A society made under the name ‘Mar Thoma Educational Society, Bihar’, Ranchi was registered with the government of Bihar under the Societies’ Registration Act. The ownership and management of the school was then entrusted with this Society.

The second building 100 ft. loon was constructed and made available to start the next school session in January 1974. The school with 400 students and 9 teachers till Std. IV started working. With the passage of time the school building was constructed as the strength of the school kept on increasing and today the strength stands at 3,801 with students from KG I to Std X (79 classes altogether).

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