“Leaders are not born but are made by their experiences in life”. To inculcate the leadership qualities in the students and to give them a feel of functioning of the administrative body, a school prefectorial board comprising of Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl along with Prefects, House Captains and Vice Captains was formed after scrutinous interviewing and selection.

The selected students will be handed over with gowns, badges and sashes, which represents handing over the great responsibility of taking over the school council.

The Investiture Ceremony for the academic year 2023-24 was held on the 18th of April 2023. The chief guests for the event were Rev. Dr. M.O. Oommen Jr and Mrs. Susan Oommen

The Student Council for 2023-24 are as follows:

  • HEAD BOY: Anik Chauhan (10-C)
  • HEAD GIRL: Aradhya Khanna(10-A)
  • DEPUTY HEAD BOY: Sakchcham Pradhan(9-G)
  • DEPUTY HEAD GIRL: Amrita Kumari (9-G)
  • SPORTS CAPTAIN(B): Divyansh (9-D)
  • SPORTS CAPTAIN(G): Shreyanshi Kumari(9-A)
  • SPORTS VICE- CAPTAIN(B): Sarthak Singh(8-E)
  • SPORTS VICE-CAPTAIN(G): Parul Linda (8-F)
House Captains
  • CAPTAIN(B): Arnav Singh (9-C)
  • CAPTAIN(G): Atiqa Zainal (9-D)
  • VICE-CAPTAIN(B): Aryan Agarwal (8-C)
  • VICE-CAPTAIN(G): Aradhya Singh(8-F)
  • CAPTAIN(B): Priyam Mondal(9-E)
  • CAPTAIN(G): Richa Sonal (9-F)
  • VICE-CAPTAIN(B): Ved Jha(8-B)
  • VICE-CAPTAIN(G): Mahika Manya (8-C)
  • CAPTAIN(B): Shourya Verma (9-B)
  • CAPTAIN(G): Roma Barla(9-B)
  • VICE-CAPTAIN(B): Zayan Mohammad(8-B)
  • VICE-CAPTAIN(G): Aadya Prisha Nayak (8-A)
  • CAPTAIN(B): Nikunj Arora(9-F)
  • CAPTAIN(G): Shambhavi Shreya (9-A)
  • VICE-CAPTAIN(B): Ishan Banerjee (8-E)
  • VICE-CAPTAIN(G): Anishka Gupta (8-F)
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